Host: Coach Jenn – Amazing Horsewoman, Trainer and Coach:

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Jennifer is the reason for the Horse Radio Network.  If she hadn’t married Glenn and dumped him head first into horse husbandhood, none of this would exist.

Jennifer is a HA graduate Pony Clubber who has been riding horses since she was three years old.  With over 45 years experience Jennifer has worked in many facets of the horse world including competing, training, coaching, stable management, retail and now full time producer and host.

She is the producer of HORSES IN THE MORNING, which means she has the tough job.  She is responsible for booking the guests, setting the schedule, screening the callers and keeping Jamie and Glenn on track.

Glenn the Geek and Charlie

Former Host:  Glenn the Geek

Glenn the Geek lives in Lexington, KY a few miles from The Kentucky Horse Park.  An experienced entertainer, horseman and broadcaster, Glenn brings the excitement of eventing right to your MP3 player.

Glenn married into the horse thing 20 years ago.  Yes, he got the “Don’t ever say it’s me or the horse” lecture. He never did and is still married.  Glenn’s wife is a HA graduate Pony Clubber and Eventer and works as the retail manager at KBC Horse Supplies in Lexington.

Glenn and his wife owned a large boarding stable specializing in training young Eventers in Central Pennsylvania for many years before moving to Lexington, KY.  Glenn’s passion is pleasure driving and is a lover of ponies and Percherons.

  • Glenn was an improvisational performer with The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire and owner of The Medieval Feasting Guild for over 10 years.
  • He has been a webmaster in the equine retail market since the beginning of the Internet. Some of you old timers will remember him from The Horse Stuff Company.
  • Glenn went on to work with Bit of Britain and was the creator of the wildly successful Tack of the Day website (check it out). Yes, he was responsible for the bad humor for the first two years!
  • Many of you will recognize him as one of the hosts on the first Internet Horse Podcast called the Talking Equine Show.
  • You can also find Glenn on other Horse Radio Network podcasts at, and