Betty Fey

We are thrilled to have Betty Fey be the first listener to record a tip for Horse Tip Daily.  A self professed cowgirl in a dressage saddle.


Betty Fey first threw a leg over a horse in a riding lesson when she was 12 and knew immediately that she wanted to be a cowgirl.  Betty says horses brought her friendship, trophies, dirt, hard work, passion, generosity, laughter and love.

Betty’s ridden, taught and trained all 3 disciplines but lost her heart to dressage. She says her students – 2 and 4 footed, taught her more than she taught them. Her teaching style blends biomechanics, communication and common sense. In addition she has raised foals, operated a boarding and training stable, worked for a large animal vet, owned a tack shop, managed shows, riding day camps, a handicapped program and has written for equine publications in her 40+ years with horses.

In 2001 Betty moved from the Midwest to arid S. Colorado where she bought a small ranch that she named “Ridge Where The West Commences”, enjoying the absence of humidity and mud and rides the trails; a cowgirl in a dressage saddle.

Type of Tips:

Practical and Common Sense Tips

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