Darley Newman


Darley Newman, the star of the Emmy nominated Equitrekking, joins us to share some equestrian travel tips.  Darley has traveled around the world riding with locals in many countries.  She truly is an experienced equine traveler and we look forward to hearing her equine travel tips.


Darley Newman is travel expert, published author and Emmy nominated host and producer, who searches the globe for the best in equestrian travel, while learning about local history, culture and food, for the high definition Equitrekking television series that she created. Darley is the host and producer of Equitrekking®, the first travel television series to explore the globe on horseback. Equitrekking is broadcast in on PBS stations across the nation, on CREATE, a nationwide Public Television lifestyle channel and on various international networks.

Darley grew up in South Carolina and started riding horses at the age of seven at camp in the mountains of North Carolina. Growing up in Myrtle Beach, Darley was able to spend lots of time outdoors at the beach, playing tennis, surfing, taking tap dance lessons and participating in community theatre. In high school and college, Darley studied in Spain and Italy, trips that fueled her interest in seeing the world. Primarily an English rider, Darley rides different horses and all types of local riding styles as she travels the globe.

With Equitrekking, Darley combines her passion for horses and travel with her background in television production. Darley has worked at 48 Hours, CBS, the WB, The Talk Radio News Service and on various PBS documentaries and series. While filming of Equitrekking, Darley constantly encounters challenging places to explore on horseback, like the crater of a volcano on Maui, the back country in snowy Quebec, the varied terrain along the U.S. Mexico border and the rainforest in Costa Rica and Belize. She’s ridden championship cutting horses in Colorado, award winning Andalusians in Spain and famous movie star horses in Utah.

Darley chronicles her adventures through Darley’s Blog, Equisearch.com and for Equitrekking’s monthly e-newsletter. She is author of the Equitrekking: Travel Adventures on Horseback companion book, published by Chronicle Books. This beautiful coffee table style travelogue showcases Equitrekking’s first 13 destinations through Darley’s writings and Chip Ward’s stunning photography. Recently reviewed in the Denver Post and Budget Travel, Equitrekking: Travel Adventures on Horseback takes readers from the remarkable ruins of Ireland and charming colonial towns of Spain, to the lush rain forests of Hawaii. For armchair travelers and horse lovers alike, the Equitrekking book will inspire anyone who dreams of riding off into the sunset.

Darley writes regular columns for True West and Practical Horseman magazines and frequently speaks at events and to the media. Darley is currently featured in the book, How’d You Score That Gig, a look at the coolest careers for twenty and thirty-something’s, published by Ballantine Books/Random House and was recently profiled in the Washington Post and Ralph Lauren magazine. Darley is the creator of the ‘Darley’ travel inspired jewelry brand available only at ShopDarley.com

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