Jessica Jahiel, Ph.D.

Dr. Jahiel is a regular co-host on the Jumping Radio Show, part of the Horse Radio Network (HRN).


Jessica Jahiel, Ph.D, is an internationally-recognized clinician and lecturer, and a critically-acclaimed, award-winning author of books about horses, riding and training. Her trademarked system of teaching and training, Holistic Horsemanship®, is based on establishing and enhancing communication and trust between horse and rider. Certified by the American Riding Instructor Association (ARIA) as an instructor of Dressage and Combined Training, Dr. Jahiel works with riders of all ages and levels, and welcomes horses of all breeds and disciplines. Dr. Jahiel teaches and trains according to classical dressage principles. Her interest is in helping riders learn to enjoy their horses and horses learn to enjoy their riders. As part of this system, she teaches from the horse’s point of view.

Dr. Jahiel is a featured speaker at many major equine conferences throughout the world, and has been listed as one of the 50 best instructors in the USA.

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