Kim Walnes


Kim competed on her legendary partner The Gray Goose in Europe and the US as a member of the US Equestrian Team from 1980 to 1986.   Her career hightlights include winning team and individual bronze medals at the World 3-Day Event Championships in Luhmuhlan, Germany and winning the prestigious Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event in 1982.   She travels throughout the US as an instructor and coach.  Kim has studied under such greats as Jack LaGoff, Sally Swift, Bert deNemethy, George Morris, Linda Tellington-Jones, Anne Kursinski, Melanie Smith Taylor, Pam Goodrich, Gunnar Ostergaard, Jessica Ransehousen, Betsy Steiner, Bettina Drummond, and currently with Col. Christian Carde.

Personal Interests 

Coaching all ages of riders, all disciplines and all levels of skills. Many describe her lessons as life changing.   She can apply her vast knowledge to the student and horse’s needs on an individual basis through her patience and knowledge of various teaching techniques.

Type of Tips:

Self Improvement