Linda Hauck

Linda is an accomplished eventer, race trainer, horsewoman and creator of the Spursuader.  We are thrilled to have her join the Horse Tip Daily team of experts.


Linda Hauck, owner of Tapestry Equine Services ( has been passionate about Eventing and Thoroughbreds for as long as she has ridden. In 1983 Linda was a member of the Jr. Ontario 3-Day Event Team and in 1984 she achieved her “A” Level in Pony club. In 1987 Linda was sponsored as a top junior to train in Virginia with Torrance Watkins (4th at the Los Angeles Olympics, 5 times leading lady rider in the US). By 1990 Linda was competing in Eventing at the Advanced level and had yet to own her own horse!

Over the years Linda has successfully trained and competed more than 100 horses. This has given her a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw from. Linda has trained horses with such world renowned riders as Mark Todd, Lucinda Green, Torrance Watkins, Albert Voorn, John McPherson, and Peter Gray.

In 1991 Linda also obtained her Thoroughbred Trainers racing license. Linda had many winners including the stakes winner ‘My Imperial Gem’.

Linda has recently patented and launched Spursuader, ( a unique and innovative spur designed for the sensitive horse and the rider with the “green” lower leg. Spursuader’s larger contact area and rounded edges illicit a better response than the traditional sharp-edged spur. This means less stress, less tension and a better ride for both horse and rider.  Ground-breaking in form and function Spursuader is the only spur on the market with this design.

“The reason I developed this spur was in large part my experience riding sensitive horses, particularly Thoroughbreds. How they overreacted to a traditional spur, how some would get tense right away when they knew you were wearing a spur or watching a horse get inadvertently “spurred” by a rider with an insecure lower leg. That got me thinking that there must be another way to get our point across to the horse without offending or creating tension in that horse.”

The Spursuader has been very well received by riders, coaches, trainers and officials. Take a look at the website to read what others are saying about this new and exciting training tool.

In addition to her Equestrian pursuits, Linda also has a BSc from the University of Guelph, with a Major in Wildlife Biology.

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