Lyndsey White

Lyndsey White

Lyndsey White is the Domestic and International Product Manager for SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program.  She joins us to share her insight in the area of the horse’s digestion.


Lyndsey came to the United States nine years ago from England where she learned to ride as an eventer. For the last five years she has worked with SUCCEED.  She is one of the most knowledgeable people we know on the horse’s digestive tract.

The digestive system of the horse is designed to support a very specific lifestyle — grazing freely in herds for most of the day. This lifestyle includes a few basic characteristics that relate to the GI tract: a diet of primarily grass, constant consumption, little stress and low energy requirements.

The modern performance horse lives a very different life than its pastoral cousins. Even horses used for pleasure riding are typically kept in stalls and fed intermittently on a diet of processed grain feed. Exercise places significant energy demands on the horse, as well as adding a significant level of stress.

All of these differences in management and feeding of the modern horse run counter to the natural function of the digestive system. This leaves virtually every horse in a constant state of digestive imbalance.

And that is where SUCCEED comes in…

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