Max Corcoran

Max Corcoran

Max Cochran, long time groom for International Eventer Karen O’Connor, joins the Eventing Radio Show with some grooming tips she has learned through the years. We share those tips with you here.


Max comes from an eventing background; she managed eventer Jim Stamets’ farm in Massachusetts and has known Karen’s retired mount, Bally Mar, since she was a filly. She came to the OCET after Jim’s untimely death in 2001, originally to get Bally Mar settled in, but has over time become Karen O’Connor’s head groom. She says she decided to stay with the team because she fell in love with the horses and with the people.

Max takes great care of Karen O’Connor’s competition horses and youngsters and helps with their conditioning and management. Max enjoys the opportunity for exposure to the sport’s top vets and farriers, as well as the opportunity for continuing education that being an OCET groom affords her.

In 2006, Max and David’s horse, Walk on the Moon, won the Training Level three day event at Waredaca. They also qualified for the American Eventing Championships.

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