Rafael Valle

Rafael Valle is an amazing horseman with a very famous Tennessee Walking horse named Ivory Pal.  A self taught horseman, Rafael shares what he has learned along the way.


Ivory Pal. Just the name brings a warm glow of joy to my heart. My first encounter with Ivory Pal was by computer in my search for a Stallion to breed my mare. For 6 months I got to know Ivory Pal and his owner Rafael Valle through his website, phone, and email until March this year, when I finally had the opportunity to meet both of them in person. Not only was I able to see Ivory Pal perform at an equestrian event where he “danced” to music, but was honored to be invited to spend a weekend with him at his home, Ivory Knoll Ranch, in Citra, Florida. Ivory Pal is far more than just a horse. He is charming, charismatic, gentle, friendly, intelligent, versatile and an absolute gentleman. Not only that, he is a Stallion. To quietly watch as he interacted with Rafael was a very special experience. These two have as close a connection as I have ever seen. Words were completely unnecessary between them. As Rafael brought Ivory Pal in from his paddock into the barn’s grooming area, I viewed their interplay with breathless anticipation as Rafael stroked Ivory Pal’s eyes and nose and was enchanted as Ivory Pal stood quietly and dozed off with his head in Rafael’s arms.

Ivory Pal and Rafael encapsulate every person’s dream of horse ownership. Although they are two distinct beings, these two appear as one. Mutual love, respect and trust is so very obvious. Watching them perform to their musical routines is akin to watching the rhythm of nature. There is beauty, power and grace. Complex movements are made to look effortless. It is a testament not only to their athleticism, but to the countless hours, patience, dedication, and self-discipline required by each of them to reach this level of communication and performance together.

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