Rick Gore


Rick Gore, of Rick Gore Horsemanship, is a trainer, clinician and an all around horseman.  Rick Gore Horsemanship is about the horse teaching you about yourself.  Rick answers questions about horse problems and issues on several web sites, and writes articles for a few others.  We are thrilled to have him in our stable of experts.


Rick is a student of the horse. He is always trying to understand horses better and learn from them. The best teacher of the horse is the horse. With over 30 years of horse experience Rick has received many lessons from many horses. While doing research for his Horse History page, on his web site, Rick discovered some interesting facts that really helped him understand where horses have come from over time and how much they have contributed to the success of mankind. He believes man has taken way too much from horses and has not given back enough in return. With internet, videos and clinics, there is now more information than ever available to help people understand horses better.

Rick’s biggest issue with most owners is they blame the horse for mistakes when it is really caused by their lack of knowledge. Rick is a firm believer that it is never the horse’s fault. Most all horse accidents are a result of a horse being pushed too fast, too hard or pushed in the wrong way by people that don’t understand horses.

If more people took responsibility for their horse’s behavior, they would stop blaming the horse. If a horse is good, then you caused it, if a horse is bad, then you caused it. Rick’s web site is about trying to get people to understand horses better so horses get a better deal and a fairer shake.  Rick doesn’t use horses to make money, he volunteers his time and experience to help horses with people problems.

Type of Tips:

Training, horsemanship and horse care.

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Visit Rick’s website at http://www.thinklikeahorse.org.

Email Rick Gore at horsyguy@hotmail.com.