Horse Tip Daily #906 by Kentucky Performance Products – Emily Craig – Trot Poles for Better Transitions

Cavaletti trot poles source dressagearenanet

Today Emily Craig joins dressage radio show co-hosts Reese Koffler Stanfield and Philip Parkes with a great exercise to improve your horses connection and your ability to ‘get it done’  using three ground poles and some transitions.  Don’t be fooled folks, it’s harder than it sounds! Listen in…  

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  • Flaviano said:

    Kalen, the only thing my little Morgan mare ever stepmod was my foot!Kathrynn, it’s amazing what horses can “feel” and do for others. An old standardbred at the farm where I boarded my first horse would open the door to his stall, then nose open the doors to the other stalls; and everybody would then tuck into hay bales stacked near the stable office!


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