Geoff Tucker, DVM

Dr. Geoff Tucker

What a fun times we always have when Dr. Tucker joins us.  He is one of the most popular equine dentists in the country and has become a bit of a celebrity on Twitter and we are thrilled to have him.


Dr. Tucker has been with horses professionally since 1973, the year Secretariat won the Triple Crown. He worked full time on a Thoroughbred breeding and training farm in Bedford Hills, NY. He started as a “manure engineer” and worked his way up to assistant farm manager. There were up to 20 horses in training and up to 100 mares foaling during the breeding season and about 10 stallions standing at stud. As the foaling manager, Dr. Tucker attended all foalings and assisted deliveries either before the vet arrived or with the help of the vet. He was also responsible for all the preventive medicine on the farm.

There he met a girl, a “barn girl,” and they were married in 1977. Together, Dr. Tucker and his wife went to Ithaca, New York to finish college at Cornell University. He continued at the New York State College of Veterinary Medicine (aka “Cornell”) and graduated in 1984.

On graduation day, Dr. Tucker drove to his first horse call in the new equine vet practice he started from scratch. He drove past his classmates celebrating in a tent that spring day. “I’ve always known that I wanted to work with horses,” says Dr. Tucker.

He was trained in dentistry by his mentor, Dr Jack Loew, using horsemanship as a basis of earning the horse’s trust and using the hand as a speculum.   He developed his skills in 1983 at Rhinebeck Equine in New York the summer before his final year in vet school. He has always believed that dentistry is an important part of veterinary medicine.

Dr Tucker sold his New York practice and in 1998, he started to limit his new practice to equine dentistry.  He now services farms throughout the United States as well as in other countries.

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Equine dentistry and the mouth.

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