Scott Trees

Scott Trees

How lucky we are to have one of the best equestrian photographers in the world offering equine photography tips.  And, what a fascinating life he has led.


Scott Trees has been taking pictures professionally, and throughout the world for all his adult life. The recognition of his talent on an international scale has been primarily through my imagery of horses. Scott grew up in the horse industry and photographing horses provided him the opportunity to pursue his passion of creating images and touching feelings which he endeavored to do with photography and videography.

As an inexperienced young man trying to figure out how to make a living at something he loved, Scott had no idea that 36 years later he would still be doing it. Scott am one of those very fortunate people doing something he truly enjoys, as a profession, for a career.

While horses have been the primary focus of his compositional eye, they are by no means the only subject which interests him. Nor are they the only subject for which clients seek him out. Scott has a diverse and respected client base of businesses, governments, and people throughout the world for both photography and video work.

Type of Tips:

Horse photography and videography.

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